Whether a user or a stockist, we all have some slow moving inventory on our shelves that we would like to get rid of.
With this in mind, ID Alloys is offering some items below at a special price.
But this section is also yours. Should you want to get rid of dead items and give them a second chance, get in touch with us :info@idalloys.fr

Material Form Dimension(s) Specification Quantity Comments
601 Round bars Dia. 40 mm ASTM/ASME 913 kg 18,50 EUR/kg EXW Amblainville (F-60110)
625 Round bars Dia. 50 mm ASTM/ASME/AMS 214 kg 32,50 EUR/kg EXW Amblainville
825 Sheets 3,0 x 1219 x 3048 mm ASTM/ASME 7 pcs - 640 kg 17,50 EUR/kg EXW Amblainville (F-60110)
HX Round bars Dia. 50,8 mm (2") x rdm ASTM/ASME/AMS 2 pcs (1490 & 3495 mm) : 84 kg 34,00 EUR/kg EXW Amblainville (F-60110)